Clinical/Surgical Information

The Alpha 2™ bone anchored hearing device is designed for patients 5 years of age and older with conductive loss or mixed loss with bone conduction hearing thresholds better than 45 dB. The Alpha 2 can also be used for single sided deafness when the hearing ear has better bone conduction hearing thresholds better than 20 dB in the hearing ear.


Alpha (S) and Alpha (M) Bone Conduction Hearing

To download the Physician Manual IFU for the U.S., click on the following link:

U.S. Physician Manual S0479-00, Rev. B

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Alpha Surgery

Sophono implant surgery feb 2011


Alpha System Fitting (Password Required)

The Gravity Fitting Software has just been updated as of September 23, 2013. This version 1.3.0 is required for all new Alpha 2 processors and will work with all Sophono processors. PLEASE UPGRADE!

Download Sophono Gravity Fitting Software

The Fitting Software User’s Manual can be accessed through the Help menu of the fitting software.  This version is searchable and has linked topics for easy navigation.  If you would also like to print a copy of the manual, download the PDF version below.

HI-PRO Programming Interface

The Sophono sound processor uses a HI-PRO programming interface for the patient’s first fitting.  The HI-PRO is powered directly through the integrated USB connection. To download the software for the HI-PRO installation, go to: